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Woodville, Miss. became a Main Street Community in 2003. With support from the 1,100 residents living in the community, Woodville Main Street Association has created many new programs and worked to implement positive changes throughout the community.

The Town of Woodville’s most recent project is rehabilitating the inside of Polk’s Meat Market. The building will eventually become a “Walk Through” Downtown Visitors Center, and it is set to be completed in 2018.

Visitors walk through to view local art and listen to local music by the famous blues artists, Scott Dunbar and Robert Cage, as well as Woodville native William Grant Still, the first African-American symphony director to achieve national acclaim as a composer and director of the Los Angeles Symphony.

Director of Woodville Main Street Polly Rosenblatt is passionate about transforming the Woodville community.

“Our mission includes keeping the downtown business district alive and vibrant,” said Rosenblatt. “We support entrepreneurs and small businesses by facilitating educational seminars such as “Bricks to Clicks.”

The Woodville Arts Park is a Main Street improved green space between the Visitors Center and the Woodville Library. Transformed from a gravel parking lot, the park is currently in its last phase of completion, officially opening in early 2018. Plantings and commemorative bricks will be installed within the next three months. The area's now improved infrastructure supports the arts in the community by holding a variety of activities in the park.

The Woodville Deer & Wildlife Festival is annual festival that brings tourism to the historic Main Street area every year. Each fall, visitors come to participate in Woodville’s original Wild Game Cook Off. Spectators come to listen to local music and taste locally harvested wild game right off the grill.

Having just completed its 10th year, Woodville Main Street has “a roll-out of activities” in the making for next year's festival. The 2018 Deer and Wildlife Festival will focus on streamlining the festival to meet the preferences of local people.


Woodville Main Street demonstrates an ongoing effort to create a vibrant business district. The execution of updating the downtown area through many changes has provided Woodville with more tourism. Main Street supports two downtown museums which includes facilitating tours of those museums and hosting walking tours for visitors.



Wesley McFall, MMSA PR Intern


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