Career Opportunities

Main Street Director Job Description

The successful Main Street Project Manager must:

  • Be as agile as a monkey because he or she spends so much time out on a limb;
  • Have a big chin, so he can lead with it;
  • Have a thick skin to ward off the stings of insult and ingratitude;
  • Have strong legs so she can stand on her own two feet all day long and still be limber enough to kneel at bedtime;
  • Have a deaf ear for flattery, a good ear for criticism and judgment to distinguish between the two;
  • Have a big mouth, so she won’t choke when she puts her foot in it, and a big appetite for swallowing her pride and eating her own words;
  • Have most of all, a rubber neck in order to:
  • Turn the other cheek,
  • Face reality,
  • Look back at history,
  • Forward to the future,
  • Confront the issues, and
  • Face the music….simultaneously!

He or she will:

  • Work under more pressure than a deep sea diver;
  • Get more criticism than a poor man with an ambitious mother-in-law;
  • Suffer more temptation than a shoplifter in a mint;
  • Be expected to be everywhere at once like the chaperone at a high school prom.
  • Moreover, this individual must be able to be gracious at the end of the year when congratulated for a job well done.


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